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the music of brad nix

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On this page, you'll find links to much of the music I've written. There's a ton of variety

here, both in terms of style and complexity and, hopefully, you'll find the piece that 

will perfectly meet your musical needs. 

It is difficult, even for me, to define my artistic "fingerprint." This is probably because I

write in a wide variety of genres, ranging from a cappella spirituals to Sacred Harp-

inspired hymns and harmonically rich tone poems. In fact, a colleague at a major

distribution company once said to me, "The one thing I've come to expect from a Brad

Nix anthem is the unexpected." I think he meant it as a compliment! I took it as one, at



I don't sell any products directly. Therefore, every title below is linked to the publisher's website. There, you'll find audio and/or video samples, as well as ordering information. If you have any questions about the music you find, please feel free to send me a note on the CONTACTS AND LINKS page. 

advent/christmas anthems


calls to worship and introits

children's choir anthems

communion anthems

concert anthems

easter/lent/holy week anthems

General Anthems

hymn arrangements

multi-cultural anthems

new year anthems

pentecost anthems

piano/instrumental music

sacred vocal music

A Time for Song (Volume 1)

A Time for Song (Volume 2)

spirituals and jazz-flavored anthems

sunday school music and anthems

thanksgiving anthems 

full orchestrations

chamber orchestrations

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