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Churches and schools frequently invite me to work with their choral ensembles in composer festivals. These events usually consist of me working with the ensemble(s) in one or more rehearsals, and then leading the singers in a culminating concert. Sometimes, I am also asked to provide lectures, seminars, and private lessons.   


One of my greatest pleasures is providing original or newly arranged music for church, school, and community choirs. Over the years, I've been privileged to write commissioned music for many special occasions including commemorative concerts, memorials, and church dedications and anniversaries.


As an engraver, I work for private clients and publishing companies. Using Finale software, I help writers bring their music to life in the clearest, cleanest, and most professional manner possible.  


Writers frequently ask me to orchestrate their anthems, and I'm comfortable writing for any instrumentation, from a single flute obbligato to a brass quartet; from a small chamber ensemble to a full orchestra. 

Visit THE MUSIC OF BRAD NIX, on this website, to hear samples of my orchestrations. They're listed under "Full Orchestrations" and "Chamber Orchestrations."


I'm regularly hired to serve as a reading session clinician for publishers and distributors all over the country. My sessions tend to be lighthearted and fun as I introduce and highlight the strengths of each piece.

Having an extensive background in education, I'm entirely comfortable offering classes in topics ranging from music theory to music history to piano improvisation, and almost everything in between.  

A particular interest of mine is equipping and educating church musicians. Recent session titles include the following:

  • Accompaniment Archetypes: Ten Great Piano Vibes

  • An Arrangers Guide to Re-Harmonizations, Chord Substitutions, and Color Tones

  • Artisanship Arranging

  • Basic Melody Writing: Let's Start at the Beginning

  • The Mind Game of Musical Composition

  • Pain-Free Music Ministry: A Lifetime of Healthy Piano Playing

  • Successful Strategies for Setting Words to Music

I also offer private lessons. These lessons either occur in person (if you live in the Austin, TX area), or via Zoom. Some possible private lesson topics include:

  • Arranging and Composition

  • Basic Orchestration

  • Manuscript Review and Editorial Advice

  • Music Theory

  • Notation Software (Finale-based)

  • Piano Improvisation

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